Established in 2014

While serving our country and my community for the last 20 years I have been carrying a firearm for a living. I was disappointed with Kydex holsters I purchased over the many years and knew I could do better. I set out to make comfortable, practical, and durable holsters, worthy of your hard earned money. Sheepdog Holsters is federally trademarked and I possess the federal patent on the Chestrig design. My chestrigs are second to none and will be the last chestrig you ever buy! All chestrigs are made to fit up to a size XXXL and come with a lifetime warranty. All of my holsters are handmade by me, designed by me, and shipped by me. Quality is numero uno, nothing is mass produced nor are my holsters cut with a cnc machine. Quality over quantity always. Thanks for visiting.

Chestrigs for all of your outdoor activities